Tom Ginsburg

Leo Spitz Professor of Law, University of Chicago

Director, The Comparative Constitutions Project 

Long interested in the role of law in economic development, Tom Ginsburg actively consults with governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations on issues related to constitutions, the rule of law, judicial reform and administrative law. He currently serves as a Senior Advisor to the Constitution-Building Program of International IDEA based in the Hague as well as the head of the Scholars’ Group of the World Justice Project. For information on specific assignments, please contact him at 

Some recent examples of some of his policy papers produced for development agencies include:

Norway’s Enduring Constitution: Implications for Countries in Transition, International IDEA (2014).

The Constitution of Mongolia: An Assessment, United Nations Development Program, Ulaanbaatar (2014).

The Tunisian Judicial Sector: Analysis and Recommendations, International IDEA, Stockholm, February 2013.

Democratic Transition in the Maldives: An Assessment, Raajje Foundation, Sri Lanka, January 2013.